new upgrades!

THE STANDARD issue COBRA GUNS FEATURE a realistic mp44 emulation of 30 ROUNDS AND A 4 SECOND RELOAD

for just £1 you can UPGRADE YOUR cobra to the g36 emulation consisting of 30 ROUNDS AND a 2 SECOND RELOAD TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE!

(ALL BIRTHDAY party packages include free cobra gun upgrades!)

Hardware upgrades are also available to age appropriate players at a cost of £2.50 per session.

scorpion - 10 years and up

p90, 50 rounds, 4 second reload

honeybadger - 13 years and up

hb14, 45 rounds, 3 second reload

commando - 16 years and up

m60 gpmg, 100 rounds, 8 second reload

we will have a limited number of hardware upgrades for each session, you can book upgrades in advance subject to availability. 


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